New webcams added! 👀 🏔️
Thanks everyone who is using our sweet new webcam feature to check and report if The Mountain is out! 🏔️
📣 We just added two new webcams that have great views of the Mountain! 📣
The King 5 Seattle's Waterfront webcam and the Crystal Mountain summit webcam:
CleanShot 2022-10-20 at 08
If you have any other webcam suggestions please open a chat on the website and let us know -- we would love to add more!
Mountain out reports auto-posted to Twitter!
What's up mountain nerds!
We just launched a new feature that will help keep everyone updated
when and where
The Mountain is out. Mountain out auto-tweets!
Anytime we get a Mountain out report it will now be posted on Twitter with a lovely little card showing all the details!
Card details:
  • Time
  • Location
  • Mountain out status (Out, Kinda Out, etc)
And what's even more exciting is the map background on this card will be replaced by image uploads once that feature is added! 💥
And for webcam reports it shows the image from the webcam:
Thanks mountain watchers!
You can now report from webcams!
Do you see The Mountain out from your favorite webcam? Now you can report it!
We recently added a page full with several popular webcams that look towards The Mountain for your viewing pleasure.
Now you can report if you see The Mountain out or not from those webcams!
CleanShot 2022-08-20 at 13
Extra bonus - Each webcam will also show the latest report.
CleanShot 2022-08-20 at 13
PS: If you have any webcam suggestions please let us know!
Webcams have been added!
Webcams are here!
We just added a page featuring some of the most popular webcams that look towards The Mountain.
CleanShot 2022-08-12 at 16
Webcams list:
  • Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park
  • Summit Cam at Crystal Mountain
  • High Camp at White Pass Ski Area
  • Space Needle Webcam
  • King 5 Tacoma
Webcam suggestions
Future updates:
Coming soon will be the ability to report from those locations and have them added to the map with a special webcam flair:
image website launched 🎉
I'm super excited to say we just launched a new accompany site to this project to answer the question with a single phrase!
It is powered by data from all your reports!
Improved error message for sharing location
We need a user's location so we can add the mountain status report to the map. And one thing we heard a lot from users was that the location error message was confusing and hard to understand.
So this update improves it the error handing and adds a tooltip to the report form.
And adds an item to the FAQ page that talks about location data in more detail.
Is The Mountain out App - Beta Launch!
We have launched the beta!
CleanShot 2022-08-10 at 07
This new website is the best way to answer "Is The Mountain out?" and it is going to be awesome! Thanks for joining us!
This ideas has been something my brother and I have been planning and slowly building for years - and about 6 months ago we went into high drive to make it a reality for this summer!
Key Features
  • Report the mountain status from your location
  • Choose from 5 different "mountain out" states
  • Use the interactive map to see other mountain out reports
  • Use on any device (computer, phone, tablet, etc)
  • History page > go back in time and see mountain out reports
This is just a beta so I expect there will bugs and things wrong. Please shoot us a chat message if you spot anything wrong or have feedback! Thanks!